Making best-in-class cancer treatment affordable to masses is one of our key goals.

World Without Cancer Foundation (WWCF) was established in March 2020 and is a Washington State registered charity.

WWCF has obtained exemption from the U.S. Federal Income Tax under IRC Code 501(c)(3).



Support initiatives that focus on creating awareness, early detection and prevention of cancer globally principally aimed at the under privileged population in developing and under-developed countries.


Support research on the causes and prevention of cancer threatening the lives of the poor people who lack access to early screening, prevention procedures and treatment.


Support accredited NGOs engaged in providing palliative care to terminally ill patients suffering from cancer where such patients are poor and cannot afford such care on their own or lack family support and resources.


Support the children of less affluent patients with advanced cancer towards their cost of education and training.


Extend financial, other forms of support and hope to fight cancer and other life-threatening diseases among the most needy including women and children.


WWCF will provide equal opportunities to all irrespective of gender, caste, race, nationality and religion.

Cancer Prevention

We believe in the age old adage – Prevention is better than cure. And that’s why we strive to prevent cancer through:

Awareness Programmes
Mass Screening Programmes

Cancer Treatment

Making best-in-class cancer treatment affordable to masses is one of our key goals. We strive to enrol well-experienced doctors and the latest medical technologies to offer comprehensive cancer treatment at reduced costs. Our cancer treatment facilities include:


Post-Treatment Care

All patients who undergo cancer treatment at our Centre receive end-to-end care to help them return back to normal lives.

Regular physiotherapy, yoga, reiki and other forms of treatment are incorporated into patient care for general well-being and further prevention of complications. Arm lymphoedema or fluid build-up can occur after breast cancer treatments. We teach our patients to perform regular arm exercises to prevent lymphoedema post surgery.

General Care

Apart from cancer treatment and care, our Center also has gynaecologists who offer general consultation for the overall health and well-being of women above 12 years of age.

Managing Committee

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